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Analytical Exposition

7.  ANALYTICAL EXPOSITION (Eksposisi Analisa)

1)     Purpose (Tujuan )
To persuade the readers or listeners that something is the case.
(Membujuk/mempengaruhi pembaca atau pendengar bahwa sesuatu (yang benar) adalah demikian)

2)     Generic Structure (Struktur Umum)

  • Thesis (pernyataan pendapat)
  • Arguments, terdiri atas “point” (pokok) yang dikemukakan dan “elaborasi” (pengembangan)
  • Reiteration (Penguatan pernyataan/kesimpulan)

3)     Linguistic Features (Ciri-ciri Kebahasaan)


  • General nouns, misalnya: car, pollution, leaded petrol car, dsb.
  • Abstract nouns, misalnya policy, government, dsb
  • Relating verbs (kata kerja penghubung), misalnya: It is important, dsb.
  • Action verbs (kata kerja tindakan),  misalnya: She must save, dsb.
  • Thinking verbs (kata kerja pikiran/persepsi), misalnya: Many people think, dsb
  • Modal verbs, misalnya we must preserve, dsb.
  • Connectives, misalnya firstly, secondly, dsb.
  • Bahasa evaluatif, misalnya important, valuable, trustworthy, dsb.
  • Passive voice (Katimat pasif)

4)   Example

Is Television a Monster?

Issue (Pernyataan pendapat) Television is the most popular form of entertainment in any household. But I think television tends to have a tremendous influence on its viewers.
Argument (yang terdiri atas Point  dan Elaborasi) First, based on the recent research, people of all ages use the medium to entertain themselves for an average of five hours a day. Of course, the constant exposure of TV will influence the viewers’ thinking and attitude. This can be seen from the fact that many criminals are inspired from the scene on TV.
Arugument (yang terdiri atas Point  dan Elaborasi) Secondly, people can be adversely affected by constant watching television. This is due to the fact they participate less physical activities, spend less time reading and working and see a work of violence that can affect their own feelings of security.
Argument (yang terdiri atas Point  dan Elaborasi) Finally, commercial advertisement on TV can be a brain washing. Psychologically, constant show of advertisement will shape one’s image about one product. No wonder people are easier to remember the motto or slogan of one advertisement than to retrieve information that they have learnt.
Reiteration In short, TV will be a kind of monster which can conquer one’s mind and attitude

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